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Yao is a Bantu language in Africa with approximately two million speakers in Malawi, and half a ... including chiYao or ciYao (the prefixed form), Achawa, Adsawa, Adsoa, Ajawa, Ayawa, Ayo, Ayao, Djao, Haiao, Hiao, Hyao, Jao, Veiao, and waJao. .... Sanderson, George Meredith (1954), "A dictionary of the Yao language" ...   View Online   Down

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Dictionary definition of Yao language ... The language has also gone by several other names in English, including chiYao or ciYao (the prefixed form), Achawa, ...   View Online   Down

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Chewa, also known as Nyanja, is a language of the Bantu language family. The noun class prefix chi-is used for languages, so the language is also called Chichewa and ...   View Online   Down

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Chiyao in English. translation and definition "Chiyao", Dictionary English-English online. Add audio. Upload mp3 · Record audio ...   View Online   Down

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involved a physical inspection of Chiyao learning/teaching materials and ... Grammar (Sanderson 1922) and a dictionary (the only comprehensive dictionary of.   View Online   Down

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CHIYAO | WikiWordBot - A bot generated English dictionary made from Wikipedia . ... CHIYAO Click here to search for definitions. Occours 3 times in the ...   View Online   Down

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Voir aussi Bibliographie. en) G.R. Dent et C.L.S. Nyembezi (dir.), Scholar's Zulu dictionary : English-Zulu, Zulu-English, Shuter and Shooter, Pietermaritzburg, 1995 ...   View Online   Down

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Words were daily being added, and it is only after several further years of acquaintance with the people that anything like a complete dictionary of their language ...   View Online   Down

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Malawi [maˈlaːvi] (Chichewa: Dziko la Malaŵi; englisch: Republic of Malawi [məˈlɑːwɪ]) ist ein Binnenstaat in Südostafrika, der am 6. Juli 1964 seine ...   View Online   Down

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Translations of chiyao from Vietnamese to English and index of chiyao in the bilingual analogic dictionary.   View Online   Down

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Dictionary project which resulted in a new Chichewa/Chinyanja English Dictionary with almost 900 pages and more than 40000 entries, also available online.   View Online   Down

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Cet article propose une liste des groupes ethniques d'Afrique, non exhaustive (on peut en dénombrer près de 2 000 sur le continent africain et à Madagascar [2]) et ...   View Online   Down

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We found one dictionary that includes the word chiyao: General dictionaries General (1 matching dictionary). Chiyao: Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia [ home, ...   View Online   Down

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Achawa, Adsawa, Adsoa, Ajawa, Ayao, Ayawa, Ayo, Chiyao, Ciyao, Djao, Haiao, Hiao, Hyao, Jao, Veiao, Wajao, Yawo. Population ... Dictionary. Grammar.   View Online   Down