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Please staple your Flame Test Pre-Lab to the back. ___ 1. True or false? The frequency of the wave is the distance between two consecutive wave peaks.   View Online   Down

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Complete the Alternative Assignment if you are absent on lab day, or if you are unprepared ... Flame Test Alternative Lab-pdf (if absent 11/15/15) ... Classify each property tested in this acivity as either a physical property or a chemical property.   View Online   Down

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ClassDojo · Chemistry I Course Page gt ‎ ... Flame Test Lab Alternative Makeup Assignment ... The Flame Test Lab videos you need to watch are below.   View Online   Down

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Teaching notes and student guide for doing flame tests. ... You can be an analytical chemist or forensic scientist in this activity, by finding out what colour flames ... Technician notes. In the lab: Test tube racks. Bench mats 5 x Bunsen burners   View Online   Down

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Many chemistry textbooks describe the chemicals responsible for the colors of ... usually cause flame test colors, there are some anions and neutral ... Most laboratory manuals state that the metal cation ... tartar, MSG, table salt, salt substitute, washing powder [detergent booster]), hardware stores (muriatic acid, deicer/.   View Online   Down